Updates 11/04


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    Updates 11/04

    Post by [Order]-Kaal on Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:14 pm

    Another month people. Well here's the short updates for now:

    1) Okay, I'm sure you all heard of the Outcasts departure from SWWT. Why they left its not really certain but its sure to involve OOC stuff taking popshots to their faction as always, Im guessing enough was enough. Now interactions have been mixed with as we had a nice little skirmish with them as well as had some nomad hunts on the side. Whatever your opinion of them is, they are gone now and we have lost a good deal of players because of it. I cannot emphasize how important it is to keep things civil, at least on the surface. I know I have said things about them and some players to some of you OOC, but I ALWAYS try to keep it in priv chat or grp chat, never out in the open. This isnt a point the finger but a reminder to keep this a FUN game, with that...

    2) It may be time to up the ante a bit roleplay wise, to be more active with the server in concerns to storyline. FIRST AND FOREMOST this is your guys and girl Wink faction so im not going to force anything on any of you. If you want to do something or see if there is anything you can do to be more active we can do that. Wanna keep things as is, we can do that too. Also feel free to explore other characters as well outside of your main Order one as me, Welsh and Asura have been doing.

    3) Great job in not blowing up the corvette while taking it out for a spin, no problems thus far and I'm looking to keep it that way. People havent been using the vault much, except for Chronic and owes me and the ORder vault a crap load of creds for his nice new Crawler. I've been meaning to take inventory but haven't got to it yet so If you feel bored or OCD, help me out and do it please haha.

    4) Talking about crawlers and stuff, remember that some members have transports and miners, so if you need a econtrading buddy hit us up. And Im sure Liberty and BN have some too, and they offer good rates on mined minerals and will buy from your miner just as good. Plus ive been hearing about how Bubba is getting broke...

    5) Which leads me to communications, im on Teamspeak and Vent alot now and Im having a blast talking with players. Im gonna keep buggin everyone to get on if and when they can, its great to know who your fellow players are on a personal level; helps cut through the rumor, OOC smacktalkin and keeps things in perspective, say when you are fighting the Nippon scum Genoske Koga only to find hes a swell guy...Id still shoot him down anyways again and again. plus its much faster than typing =P. Im also linked to MSN messenger now under my gmail account but I only use for FL so if you wanna IM me anything Im there too.

    6) A big big big thank you to Chronic for his video, new graphics and revamp of the Order forum. Looks awesome brutha, much love from everyone here.

    7) Now i have to remind players that if you are going away and you dont want to lose your characters pm Dig to have him store ur character data so you wont lose it when you come back. Im seeing Nivek and a couple of other chars being gone and i hope that they arent perma deleted. so get on top of that, and remember just logging in once ina while saves ur char data

    8.) and lastly, Im getting asked whos in charge of Order. Because Welsh was the one who started the movement to bring the Order after Chronic and Eason left, and for Kirk because he was a commander of the Eason's Order. Well I think its time to set everything by pecking order now; so Im asking the a-ok to switch my rank with one of the Admirals, most preferably with Admiral Kirk because I know you arent on as much bc of RL stuff. I'll keep the house in order as usual and whoever does switch with me is still in a command role, with the cooler title of Commander (thats why ive been dodging this bc i Love being the Commander) but everyone outside the faction needs to see me as admiral to know who the leader is.

    Alright thats it for now, feedbacks please (thats an order lol) and have fun out there. Till next month haha!

    -Cmd. Kaal

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