Update and News 10/05


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    Update and News 10/05

    Post by [Order]-Kaal on Tue Oct 05, 2010 3:43 am

    Its a new month Pilots, I hope everyone is doing good so far as we get close to the end of the year.

    Updates have been made on the faction document, and I've been checking everyone's status on FL Stats.

    Welcome back Captain Nivek and Osprey Wing its good to see you back in action!

    I've spoken to Cmd. Blackshamrock (Sham if you're seeing this buddy FIX YOUR TAG!! lol! ) and he's been able to jump on a few times but not as much as he'd like. He's still trying to keep up-to-date as best he can so don't write him out.

    Lt. Asura is still on and blowing up ships left and right, plus his alt. bounty hunter character is in full gear as he helped to co-found the Deshima League of Bounty Hunters to add to the server RP.

    I've spoken to Maj. Azrael about his departure, and he has assured me his leaving had nothing to do with our organization itself (and thankfully any events that were recently connected to the Order) but rather to new outside obligations and one other that is respectfully not my place to say publicly here. I have as always left the door open if he ever decides to return to the Order; a courtesy that is always open to those who leave on good terms.

    At the moment I wish to take a moment of silence for Admiral WelshWarrior...for his computer is in shambles with its guts all over his living room floor . Sad
    He's busy trying to put back his faithful machine together but so far has hit roadblocks. I assure you that he'll be back really soon, until then let us wish him all the best in his endeavor to return his PC back from the dead.

    As best as humanly possible I am keeping our SWWT Forum document updated so look to that for in-game references of where we're at. Again remember that we are still recruiting and I'm still willing (and able) to help outfit new recruits should I deem that they are able to utilize advanced Codename weaponry, high level Shield Killers, and particular ship types. My stocks are always available to current members as well at anytime they request it.

    Lastly, it is unfortunate that our server has lost two of SWWT's Admins, Forsaken and FriendlyFire. Forsaken in particular is the mod's founder who's dream to continue the Asgard Mod legacy led to the creation of the mod we all enjoy today. With there departure I really feel that we should step up whenever we can in ensuring that this mod continues to move forward into new horizons rather than stagnating to a standpoint. At the moment I am looking to establish another faction outside of the Order that's sole purpose is to help new players in exploring the mod but more importantly give them a friendly face to help them during their first few weeks when server elements such as NPC difficulty, ship locations and RolePlay can be confusing. I remember when I first came to the server a little lost only a few months ago and how being game buddies with WelshWarrior and Blackshamrock helped guide me through the mod basics, if it wasen't for them and others I surely would have given up getting involved online. So it's only right to give back after so much has been given here just by keeping the mod running. So again I must encourage members to actively contribute when they can, just being chatty to new lvl 8s in NY is as good as it gets for some of us. If you have other outside responsibilities that ALWAYS comes first and NEVER will I impose anything that deviates your time to where you do not want it spent. As for the Newbie Helper Faction, I hope to find time to write up a thorough document that is approved by Ramirez before I post it up and get the ball rolling in game.

    That was by far one of the longest updates ever Smile so thanks for sticking with it and reading through my rant. Hope to see you all in space soon, so good hunting out there!

    Admiral Kaal
    Admiral of Order Fleet Maine
    Owl Flight Leader
    Unofficial "Squid Fryer"

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    Re: Update and News 10/05

    Post by [Order]-Noremak on Tue Oct 05, 2010 3:06 pm

    Unfortunatly I am the only member of the Osprey wing available at the moment. Cpt.Nivek is currently on leave for personal reasons but will be back by the beginning of next week.

    I also agree with the idea of starting a faction to help new players get started.


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    Admiral Welsh Warrior

    Post by [Order]-WelshWarrior on Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:52 pm

    I am around. But have some serious PC problems at the moment. I've had to reformat my machine and replace some bit and pieces. but since doing so I cannot get Freelancer to work on my PC. I cannot get game at all.

    I'm working on the fix constantly and hope to be back in soon

    Welsh Warrior

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    Re: Update and News 10/05

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