Update 09-20


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    Update 09-20

    Post by [Order]-Kaal on Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:36 pm

    Alright another update. Haven't made one for a while but here it is:

    1) Outcast-Order hostilities are over to those who haven't been able to keep up to date. Look to news stories and faction Roleplay summary for further info. As of late, OC have been very territorial and aggressive in allowing who passes through Alpha. Devious and I have returned our standing to "Neutral but Distant" meaning that we aren't as close as before but given the proper courtesies individual pilots may be able to pass through Alpha unhindered, though alternative means to access Nomad Space is suggested.

    2) To maintain peace between Outcasts we are no denying the Lane Hackers access to our controlled bases. [L~H] are to be denied docking privileges to bases such as Planet Maine, and if there are any detractors from this rule then the use of hostile force is authorized. Please remember to use diplomatic means when possible, peace is preferable to war against any human faction in Sirius.

    3) All members are asked to recruit when they can as our numbers are dropping over time and we are in need of fresh ace pilots to maintain our faction presence and RP contribution. So if theres a new name on server with a 40+ level untagged introduce yourself and ask if he/she has interest flying with Humanity's finest full time.Limited funding and bonus weapon outfitting are available to potential recruits through Commander Kaal.

    4) Im still perusing the agenda toward moving our faction to "unestablished" to allow our player base to explore other character builds to improve the fun factor and so our members would be unrestricted in exploring lawful and unlawful factions. It is my belief that our faction is not a imperial faction with RP aspirations to conquer other human factions, as our war is focused on ousting the Nomads and any Nomad Cultists/Infiltrators, therefore the need for "conquest" is really non-existent. As long as the Order continues to maintain a visible server presence and contributes to the server RP then our level to contribute should not suffer in anyway. I'm still asking members to voice their opinion but I am particularly looking to meet with Admiral Kirk to approve this change. So Admiral...CONTACT ME cheers

    Keep up the fight pilots and never hesitate to contact me for any reason.

    Admiral Kaal
    Admiral of Order Fleet Maine
    Owl Flight Leader
    Unofficial "Squid Fryer"

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