Order Command Message 26-08-10 0245 PST


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    Order Command Message 26-08-10 0245 PST

    Post by [Order]-Kaal on Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:46 am

    Greetings Pilots,

    It has been a long while since the last formal debrief so I hope I will not miss anything here.

    Offensive operations have substantially decreased over time as our organization is becoming more satisfied with keeping a status quo as the same with most of the Sirius Houses. I must encourage pilots to conduct free-flight patrols to ascertain information that can help develop our strategy for our next offensive in the coming months.
    Although our last thrust into Nippon space with our allied forces failed to meet our overall goal of overthrowing the Koga leadership, I encourage combat wings to conduct contact operations within Kusari to keep the Nippons off-balance as much as possible.

    Nomad and Cultist insurgencies are continuing to rise, and our organization is also having to deal with Freelance Pirates and uncooperative Smugglers. Please continue to send reports on unlisted pilots and hostile agents for reference to our patrol pilots. Remember as officers it is left to your discretion on how to deal with other players on the field.

    Corsair Reformers have been substantially weakened as of late with their proxy war against the Legion. Although our factions are hostile, I ask pilots to treat CRF tagged pilots with cordiality as I have had a discussion with one of their Admirals a month ago. Although Artifact Smuggling is still punishable by death when trafficker is non-compliant, the moral fortitude and precarious political situation of the CRF is more admirable than deplorable when compared to other factions, so confrontation between our two honorable organizations would serve to be a last resort measure.

    Take note of two returning veteran players - Ono Sendai and Jubei Kimikawa of House Sendai of Kusari. There old clan seems ready to begin a Nippon Insurgency against the Koga puppet government. Information on the two pilots as well as House Sendai would be imperative to securing a future alliance. Link to House Sendai Page http://house-sendai.awardspace.com/index.html

    Lastly I am looking to move our faction from established to unestablished. The reason behind this is that to truly benefit being an established faction in Conquest Mod, a certain degree of politics have to exist to drive the RP need to conquer and invade other faction planets. Our organization to my understanding has no such ambitions. We exist to destroy Nomads, and to remove Nomad infection from Sirius. We strive to change the Kusari govt not take it over, we wish to end Artifact Trade but not occupy Crete, we protect the 3 noble houses from alien influence not enforce their laws. Unless we get to "occupy" Nomad Lairs, I see no reason to continue to be established for Conquest. Another reason is that I want our member to have the option of joining other established clans/factions besides their Order character. To have a good gaming experience it is my best belief that a player should have different characters in different spectrum's of the lawful and unlawful. Here you can play out more than one side of you and therefore have more fun, and simply put Order players aren't on all the time to game with you. This is especially true for Nivek and Noremak's Shadow Fighters, who I want them to have the established option available to them if the choose to do so without their Order affiliation stopping them. So as such I am going to put it to a vote with the Admiral's suggestions holding the most weight. Please send in what you think by September 5th, should we or should we not be Conquest Mod Established?

    That is all for now. Continue to keep up the good work and I hope to see you all in space.

    P.S. To Order Intelligence Agents (you know who you are) remember the mission always comes first. File those reports and stick to the shadows.

    Admiral Kaal
    Admiral of Order Fleet Maine
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