My Story/Application


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    My Story/Application

    Post by [Order]-Chronic on Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:50 pm

    I always think that when you have a leader you should know a bit about him. I will put in the same information that I would if I was applying for The Order.

    Name(s) of character?
    Chronic[SC] (Main character, Anubis/Fighter)
    Apocalypse (My mining character)
    Omen (Will be for Order Role-play)
    Curse (Will be for Order Role-play)
    [Tags will be added as soon as we are established]

    Reason for joining?

    I wanted to re-create The Order as I always liked being a "good guy" and they are a great faction to be a part of with all their Role-play opportunities.

    How long you have played?
    I bought the game when it first came out and played it over LAN for a while, also went through the storyline a few times. I have played on Discovery, The Void, BSG Freelancer, FLGuild, Shattered Worlds. So 8 or so years.

    What role would you like to play?
    I am the Admiral and will be leading The Order in the battles against the Kusari Empire/Naval Forces/Police and Corsairs. I will have the Squadron Commands at my sides helping me lead the forces along at fighting to defeat the Nomads.

    [Optional] Put a role play for your character!
    I do not have a huge Role-play to post here but here is a Role-play story I have created for my character, Chronic.

    Chronic was a kid that was left by his parents to go to military school due to always getting into trouble. He took commanding schools to fight for the Liberty Navy and had the opportunity to fight in many battles alongside the Liberty Security Force. Chronic left the Liberty Navy when he found out that Nomads were beginning to control all of Liberty and their government. He set out as a Freelancer with his Navy Defender to try and find work to do, when he stumbled upon a squadron of Order pilots fighting for their lives against the Nomads, he went in right away to fight against the Nomads.

    After they had defeated the Nomads the rest of The Order invited Chronic to come into their battles against the Corsairs, they did not let him join for a whole other 2 years. When he joined he was put in command of a squadron of his own to move in against a Nomad Lair. This battle was a minor success with a loss of 23 Anubis fighters along with their pilots. With the remaining 7 fighters including Chronic's Anubis, they continued to drive the Nomads out of Omicron Minor where the Nomads had set up a Lair hidden in the homesystem of the Order.

    Following the battle the Admiral of The Order died in a fight and the only remaining high-officer of The Order was Chronic, he was promoted to Admiral for his decorations in battle and his strategic experience against the Nomads. Chronic began to build up the remaining Order pilots into their brilliance. The Order are now set apart as one of the most skillful handful of pilots. Chronic now fights against the Nomads with The Order now planning to invade Kusari...

    What rank would you prefer?
    I like to play as a commanding officer because of my experience of leading other clans/factions on other servers (they have been handed down to other officers), I now only play on Shattered Worlds, and plan on making The Order the strongest of all factions on Shatted Worlds: War Torn server.


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