Fantom13 Order Application


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    Fantom13 Order Application

    Post by Fantom13 on Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:14 pm

    Sorry if this is long winded just want you to know what you are getting.

    Fantom13 will add tags once approved

    I have 2 others,
    1. Calador, I will probably rename and realign to an Order bomber for 1.3
    2. RockCrusher, I plan to keep as my FL Miner.
    3. I still have 2 open slots and a Vault account if need be

    Reason for joining?
    Been RPing on the server with Primary char as and LSF Agent. Looking for a bit more to contribute to the server and something out of my norm of Good guys (Police or Navy usually) for RP. Saw you

    How long you have played?
    Been playing FL on and off since '02 when I got the demo from a magazine while deployed to Afghanistan (wow 8 years).
    Played on a handful of mods, mainly SSM by Lancer Solurus, also dabbled with Discovery, The Underverse and a few others. Pulled out my FL CD in Jan and was playing SSM again but with no players found an Ad for SW:WT on the DB website and decided to give it a try.

    What role would you like to play?
    I would like to work my way up through the Ranks fairly. Major would be nice but definitely do not want to try and command until after I have been around the server more and learned more of the RP here. As you see our Cartel idea did not even get off the ground.

    Put a role play for your character!
    This is my copy and paste from the pilots database on SW:WT shortly after I started and I keep a semi-regular Personal Log there too.

    My life has been less than average up until this point. Born of a Rheinland mother to a Corsairs father has left life interesting to say the least. Both parents had a role in the 80 Year War, though they had not given me the details of their “work” they met and fell in love because of it.

    The life they chose shortly after they met was that of Corsairs. I started learning to fly with my Grandfather (Dad’s dad) in an old mining ship at the age of 12, and was pulling the trigger on my first fighter by 16. The life was hard but livable, until 3 months before my 18th birthday. Returning home with the news I had been accepted to a new flight as the only “rookie”, I found my father badly wounded, no sign of my mother and my grandfather hysterically racing all over the house telling my father we needed to get out. My parents had been “sent” on a mission to Sigma Systems which neither wanted to accept but due to pressure from above could not refuse. Needless to say the mission failed miserably, my mother was killed when her power plant was hit and my father “limped” his crippled ship home through the shadows.

    My grandfather loaded us into one of his little known cargo ships and high tailed it to Omega-11 stowing my father’s crippled ship in the ample cargo bay. Once in Omega-11 we rendezvoused and I met for the first time my mother’s father, where my dad and I with our belongings were transferred. Dad’s ship was ejected from the cargo bay and blown to space dust with an active distress beacon still on-board.

    Thus begin my new life in the Rheinland systems. Working with my grandfather (call sign ShadowKnight) I began to learn the life of the everyday miner working for the wonderful Daumann Heavy Construction. Life was improving and between my grandfather and I we had put away enough to purchase MY first ship a lowly StarTracker but, it was mine. I began doing odd jobs and transports here and there and life was always getting better.

    Life did not stay good much longer; I was on the last outbound leg of a passenger run from Stuttgart to Luxury Liner Shetland when ShadowKnight came over the comm, telling me to complete the run and return home as fast as possible. When I returned home my father was dead killed by an accident. He had been working in the Daumann yards and processing centers on Planet Holstein trying to “keep a low profile”. According to ShadowKnight the “accident” was highly suspect and still being investigated, he told me my father had left me a Holovid and a few other items that I needed to see.

    We watched the vid and I think both of us were in a state of shock. My parent’s meeting was a total accident that led them both to finding out more information than either ever wanted to know. I learned my mother was a Wing Commander for the Rheinland Navy and Dad was a “ranking” member of the Corsairs, the mission they were sent on to the Sigma Systems during the 80 Year War they found information that was “devastating to Sirius” and both missions for RN and Corsairs was a disavow all knowledge of type.

    During the missions they were both to take 1 expanded wing (5 fast fighters and 2 Heavies each) to an unnamed deserted base somewhere in the Sigma Systems to land and collect/download as much intelligence as possible. Neither was aware of the others presence until the teams encountered each other near the mainframe data center. There was a brief fire fight and then some negotiations (my folks were both great talkers) which led to a joint collaboration of completing their missions. During the download the station came under fire from unknown sources. Their chance meeting was on their side when the station began to receive fire, both flights bolted to their ships and launched as fast as possible. As the wings launched all 4 heavies were taken out before they could get clear of the station to maneuver. There was a myriad of fighters (of Nomad, Kusari, and Rheinland builds) and at least 3 capitals of unknown origin. The fast fighters moved quickly but by the time they cleared the assaulting force only 7 remained. 3 of the fighters were badly damaged and made at last ditch defense for the others at a jump-hole that put the remaining 4 in Sigma-13. The attackers were close behind and the 4 ducked into the gas fields were the smaller ships were able to escape the larger pursuers. The four made it back to Omicron Gamma with 2 of each wing left out of the 14 total, my parents chose to stay together in Corsairs space and the other 2 went into hiding in parts untold. The mission in which my mother was later killed was a recon of the area where the station was. When they arrived they were ambushed by a similar group of forces that attacked the station the first time it is unknown if the station still exists or not. His story ended with him telling me there was much I needed to know but if I was seeing this he had run out of tomorrows.

    These items were found in a safety deposit box on New London that my father left:
    10 Million Credits with a note saying “Start Fresh and True to Yourself. There are things out there even the evil would be scared of if they knew any better.”A holo-image from the first mission of my parents with 13 people, 8 in business suits and 5 in lab coats with these words BOLDED along the bottom of the image “Sirius BEWARE OF THE 13”. The final items at the bottom were a pair of laser pistols that have never been out of arms length since that day, one which only has 13 charges left in the battery and 13 etched in red on the handle.

    So here I sit at 25 with a life of and yet not of my own creation. I work as a Bounty Hunter though not yet a member of the Guild (which could change in the future) it allows me access others do not have with the current state of affairs across Sirius. ShadowKnight and I moved to Bretonia and he took up a job with BMM stating he was to old to run with me or hide and he will take what comes his way (he’s a crazy old coot so watch out if you encounter him), We have both made our peace with the powers that be and will take what life now deals us.

    We are easy to spot on the IFF as we have both added 13 to the end of our call-signs so as never to forget the last “words” of my father. Occasionally you will find me on board with ShadowKnight making a few extra credits with the crazy old coot. But, if I am not working or exploring other parts of Sirius you can find me in the Sigma Systems looking for “Ghosts”. Just a little warning, if you are on the wrong side of me and If you see my Shadow it is already to late.

    P.S. If my timeline is out of whack let me know. I love playing FL but never really paid attention to the timeline.

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    Re: Fantom13 Order Application

    Post by [Order]-Chronic on Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:26 pm


    Welcome to The Order!

    -[Order]-Fantom13[S1] You are a member of Squadron one along with Shadow (He will be adding his Role-play in this forum too)

    -Rank: Major (Will rank up as we see you fighting along side us)

    -You can add tags to your characters ingame as soon as the admins approve our post in the forums.
    (as for the tag in this forum feel free to add it)

    -Great story too! We look forward to seeing you ingame.


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    Re: Fantom13 Order Application

    Post by [Order]-Kaal on Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:45 pm

    Update: Application Locked. Application Outdated..

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    Re: Fantom13 Order Application

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