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    Faction Tag: [Order]

    End Tags:
    [F] - Fighter
    [B'] - Bomber
    [M] - Mining Barge
    [T] - Transport
    [D] - Diplomatic Vessel
    [OA] - Order Affiliates

    Military and Civilian Capital Ship Designations
    OCS-"Name" - Order Capital Ship
    OCTS-"Name" - Order Civilian Transport Ship (Civilian Liners)

    [b]Order Special Operations and Diplomatic Corps Designations

    |ACSF|-"Name" - Al Ciel Special Forces

    Roleplay Faction Summary

    The Order's reason for being is the eventual extermination of the Nomad presence in the Sirius Sector. For that reason, all Order pilots will actively make contact and engage Nomads and the Nomad Cultists wherever they may be. The Order will respect the sovereignty of each neutral faction and their respective territories, but missions take top priority unless instructed by command. Order pilots are also ordered to render assistance to all neutral factions if under attack by Nomads and Cultists, but will not involve themselves with sectarian politics amongst neutral parties unless instructed by command. The Order, over time, has built a close relationship with the Liberty Navy and LSF in a joint-effort to eradicate the Nomad threat in the Alaska system, forging close-ties with both organizations. Relations with the Outcast Empire had hit a low point as the Order has been dragged into the Hacker War for allowing Lane Hacker vessels full docking rights on Planet Maine, particularly the Lane Hacker Flagship Phoenix. This volitional action is refereed to as the "Maine Incident". Thanks to efforts by leaders of both sides, Outcasts and Order have returned to neutral terms.

    Peace has been established with the the civilian government of Rheinland House [R] and her Federal Police and Military forces. The Order has entrusted [R] government with the security of their own space, as well as joint military operations in the Restricted Regions of Nomad space at the insistence of SDN security. However rouge Order Forces in Rheinland led by Colonel Travis McCain are continuing hostile operations against the Rheinland government. Order Intelligence has been unable to learn the whereabouts of Colonel McCain nor effectively end the rebel Order fleet under his command. Toledo and Maine central commands have jointly broken off all ties with McCain's rogue Order organization and declared all rogue forces to be traitors to the Order organization.

    The Kusarian Empire of the Rising Sun is still stubbornly continuing its war against the Order faction, with no end in sight. Since the assassination of the Blood Emperor Oni-Shimazu by Kusari General Banzai Teishogu, many Order Commanders think peace is very unlikely. Until Kusari is once again ruled by a civilian government and Nomad infiltrators brought into the light and "dealt with", the Order will continue hostilities until the Nippon Military is pacified and peace is once again restored.

    The Order also strictly enforces an Artifact transport and distribution ban on all faction aligned and freelance pilots. Order researchers have determined that seemingly dormant Artifacts can be contaminated with Nomad-manufactured pathogens that specifically targets Humans through varied contact. While the gestation period varies among infected persons, the pathogen targets the nervous system and slowly debilitates their human hosts. At a certain stage the pathogen will then artificially mutate into a virus and insert its genetic code into their human host's cells to be replicated, in where the cell dies and spreads numerous virus cells through out the body and upon the host's death it would begin to spread via bodily fluids and skin contact. In rare cases the pathogen can also mutate into what is called the "Nomad Infiltrator Genome" which would cause the human host to transmute into a sentient Nomad organism. Nomad organisms are capable of lying dormant inside their hosts and controlling their actions for an unknown amount to time. No recorded human has survived infection or transmutation.

    For these reasons the Order have declared that the Corsair and Hogosha factions are a liability to the security of the colonies as they continue to be the major distributor of illegal artifacts within the Colonies. They are considered hostile until artifact distribution ceases. Junkers [JNK] are also under watch for their alleged involvement in the artifact trade within the Colonies, with Junker artifact smugglers being handled on a case by case basis.

    As an independent military organization, the Order practices a free-trade policy with other corporate, House and select outlaw factions to fund the Order's campaign against the Nomads. A select group of Order pilots are charged with engaging in commerce with neutral factions, whether through transport, trade or resource mining. While there are numerous business opportunities that the Order can facilitate with another party, to avoid a diplomatic incident with a neutral faction Order pilots are explicitly ordered to NOT TO ENGAGE IN:
    -The transport and sale of contraband including but not limited to Cardamine and
    Alien Artifacts.
    -The pirating of Libertarian, Rheinlander and Bretonnian vessels
    -The sale of information regarding any neutral faction to another faction
    -Any military contract that employs Order pilots to actively engage a neutral faction
    -Contracts that require Order pilots to enforce laws or practices of a neutral faction
    -Any contract that aids a hostile faction

    This list is subject to change at any time when deemed necessary by Order command. Any pilot, Order affiliated or not, are encouraged to report Order pilots who disobey these rules. Pilots who break these rules of conduct are subject to Non-Judicial Punishment.

    Regarding Order Affiliates [OA]
    OA's are Freelancers who have built up a reputation friendly to the Order by engaging in Mission Commission engagements against Nomad and Cultist forces. As such they are regarded as a independent party of pilots that can help Sirius in the war against the Nomads. Over time if they have proven their loyalty to the Order, OA's can apply for membership as an enlisted officer. The following is a guideline for [OA] tagged players:

    - Authorized ships: Order ships or House military vessels of Liberty, Rheinland, and Bretonnia. All other human ships are authorized but are subject to scrutiny.
    - Authorized equipment: Non-Alien Tech
    - Authorized IDs: Order
    - Authorized and Restricted systems: All OA's are free to traverse Sirius space at their discretion. However the systems of Iota, Zeta, Zeta-b, and Zeta-c are off-limits unless escorted under the supervision of an Order Faction member or given permission by an Order Command Officer.

    Duties of an Order Affiliated Freelancer:
    - Patrol Sirius space to actively engage Nomad or Cultist insurgents.
    - Assisting House Liberty, Bretonnia and Rhineland in the Security against Nomad or Cult forces.
    - Assisting the Order and other factions against Nomads and Cultists whenever necessary.
    - Provide Order Command with intelligence regarding Nomad and Cultist Pilots.
    - To serve as non-affiliated pilots whenever necessary.

    OA Restrictions:
    - OA's are not to represent themselves as members of the Order-player faction, unless authorized by the Order Command. Instead as independent Freelancers who have been under the service of the Order through Mission Commissions.
    - OA's are to respectfully follow the requests of House governments, excluding Nippon, whenever they fly within respective House space unless instructed by Order Command.
    - OA's must adhere to Order diplomatic protocol on our faction document.
    - OA's are NOT MEMBERS AS OF YET, so they should not RP as one.

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