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    Post by [Order]-Chronic on Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:26 pm

    If you are intersted in joining the ranks of The Order, please post a formal request to join by starting a new topic.


    Name(s) of character?

    Reason for joining?

    How long you have played?

    What role would you like to play?

    [Optional] Put a role play for your character!

    [Rank starts at Ensign]

    We will respond to your request as soon as possible!

    Once your application has been reviewed, Chronic will contact you ingame for your test.

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    Re: Applications

    Post by [Order]-WelshWarrior on Sun Jun 06, 2010 5:50 am


    Name(s) of character? WelshWarrior

    Reason for joining? I strongly believe in what The Order stands for.

    How long you have played? I have played Freelancer on-line since 2003.

    What role would you like to play? I will take whatever Role is asked as long as it follows the Way of The Order and involves the destruction of Nomad or Cultist activities and halting the spread of Alien Artifacts throughout Sirius.

    My family made home in and traded throughout Sirius for many, many Generations.

    Three Years ago my whole family was wiped out by a Nomad/Cult attack whilst Navigating aSlavage Operation in Omicron Gamma and Minor. I lost everything.

    My life is now focused on the eradication and control of Nomad infestation and Cultist activities in Sirius.

    I have been destroying Nomads and Cult in Unkown (Upper/Lower), Gamma, Minor etc working alongside the Order and I will carry on doing this solo or as member of The Order as I cannot rest until the Nomad/Cult infestation has been greatly weakened or destroyed in the name of my Family and for the protection of Sirius. I am prepared to take on the Kusari and Corsair infiltration as the Nomads are spreading thier alien infection throughout Sirius as I feel this is the Nomads' attempt to infiltrate and infect the Kusari and Corsair territories opening new borders for the eventual attack (as it will happen if we in Sirius let them) and take over the whole of Sirius.

    I have proof these artifacts have some telepathic power and can control their beholders which are at the moment lying dormant on their owners shelves or display cabinets but when activated by the Nomads at the beginning of the invasion, they will yield the beholder under the control of the Nomads. they will become Humanoid Puppets for the Nomads enabling the invasion of Sirius and ending Human life as we know it.

    Thank you for reading my application and I hopefully look forward to working alongside you soon.

    Yours Sincerely

    Welsh Warrior

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