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    Base Claims (Roleplay and Conquest):

    Planet Maine, New York (RP Claimed)

    Battleship Osiris, Omicron Minor (RP Claimed)
    Planet Toledo, Omicron Minor (RP Claimed)
    Battleship Isis, Iota


    Planet Gammu, Lower Unknown
    Planet Primus, Lower Unknown

    Base Roleplay Summary

    Planet Maine - After the Nomad Incursion of 800 A.S. and the active presence of Nomad fleets skirmishing in the Alaska System, President Jacobi of House Liberty granted the Order jurisdiction over Planet Pittsburgh's once desolate moon, Maine, to ensure that Liberty never falls again to Nomad influence. After five years the Order was able to "requisition" enough resources in and outside Liberty to begin terraforming the planet to conditions more suitable for human settlement. Planet Maine is the only sanctioned base of operations acknowledged by Liberty and the other Houses. The planet's location in the center of Liberty space ensures that the Order has the ability to conduct military operations in the core systems and beyond. Maine is also a center of recruiting freelance pilots operating in Liberty space.

    Planet Toledo - The center point of the Order's supply and logistics in the center of contested space. Without Planet Toledo, the Order would be unable to wage war against the Nomads and stop the Aliens from pillaging House and Edge World space. Ever since the Battle of Planet Toledo in 800 A.S., a permanent garrison became established and Planet Toledo has been critical in securing Omicron Minor for humanity's finest. Toledo is home to dozens of Order squadrons and hundreds of pilots, military and support personnel recruited from all over the Sirius Sector.

    Battleship Osiris - The Osiris is a captured cloak-capable battleship that was taken from the Liberty Navy before the Nomad Incursion of 800 A.S. The renowned Orillian and his fledgling Order pilots were able to sneak into the shipyards of Zone 21 and seize control, making out with one of Liberty's most prized battleships. In 803 A.S. the Osiris was involved in a skirmish against the Nomads in Omicron Minor. Unfortunately the Osiris's cloaking device was destroyed in that battle, with repair crews trying to bring her cloak shields in working conditions. Because of numerous failed attempts to bring in the needed cloak modules from Liberty into Omicron Minor, command have halted repair attempts until Omicron Minor is properly pacified. The Order now use this battleship as a stationary defense base by the Iota jumphole, with the Battleship Isis as the Order's mobile command battleship.

    Battleship Isis - The Battleship Isis is the newest addition to the growing Order fleet, currently conducting operations within system Iota. Constructed in the top secret Zone 21 shipyards the Isis is built with safeguarding the future of humanity and is rightly outfitted with the best technology that humanity has to offer. Mission specifics of the Order's presence in Iota and the mission of the Battleship Isis herself is currently ongoing and classified.

    Planet Gammu and Planet Primus - Both planets are the only safe port in the storm for human pilots as they traverse through the Lower Unknown. Planet Gammu is home to the Gammu Robots while Planet Primus is inhabited by the well-mannered (and well-dressed) Primus Apes. Both sentient species have fallen prey to the Nomads and have allied themselves with the Order in hopes of pushing back their ancient enemy. While the Order is charged with defending both planets' respective space, the Gammu Robots and Pimus Apes are politically independent in concerns with the Order faction.

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