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    Allies/Enemy/Neutral NPC and Player Factions with RP Script

    Allies Against the Nomads and Nomad Cult Only
    Nation [L] in association with Liberty Security Forces [LSF] and
    Liberty Navy [LN] - Staunch enforcer of Artifact ban in Liberty. Fought
    side by side in the security of Zone 21 against Nomad fleet. Joint
    allies in the security of Liberty against the Nomads and Nomad
    Infiltrators. Shares the same goal: eradication of Nomad and Cultist
    threat in Sirius.

    Bretonnian Nation [BN] - SAS squadron
    aggressive against Nomad and Cultists, particularly in the Yorkshire
    system. Joint allies in the security of Bretonia against the Nomads and
    Nomad Infiltrators. Shares the same goal: eradication of Nomad and
    Cultist threat in Sirius.

    Rheinland House [R] - Formal peace has
    been established, with Order allowing [R] to oversee security against
    Nomad and Cultist forces in Rheinland. Rheinland Military pilots under
    [R] have conducted a number of joint security missions as far as the
    Unknown Regions. Shares the same goal: eradication of Nomad and Cultist
    threat in Sirius.


    Rheinland Federal Police
    - Due to the recent peace treaty with [R], RFP and Order hostilities
    have simmered down, though many in the RFP still view the Order with

    Rheinland Military Forces - Although part of [R]
    civilian government, some RMF leaders are still suspected of being Nomad
    infiltrators. [R] is entrusted with the confidence of Order Commanders
    to deal with remaining Nomad agents within the Rheinland Military. Rouge
    Order forces under Colonel McCain continue to wage an unsanctioned war
    of attrition against Rheinland, still convinced that the house is still
    under Nomad influence.

    Universal Shipping and Mining [USM] - Order Specialist Fleet trading and mining associate.

    Landwirtrechtsbewegung - LWB views Order with suspicion, but regards organization as neutral. No formal incidents as of yet.

    - Known to traffic Artifacts, but faction has reestablished Neutral
    diplomatic ties. JNK members are to regarded as an individual rather
    than representative of a factional whole. Artifact smugglers will be
    dealt with in a case by case basis.

    Deshima League [DL] - Order sees [DL] as a possible military asset in war against the Nomads and Nomad Cult.

    [MLY] - Recent understanding of a common enemy has been made between
    the Order and Molly faction, and as such the Order has been allowed
    passage through claimed Molly territory to pursue the Nomad and Cultist
    insurgents in Bretonnia. However, the Order has not made any support of
    the Molly movement, leaving the Bretonnian Authorities and Mollys to
    settle their matters among themselves.

    All other NPC factions and player factions.

    Hostile If Fired Upon
    Xenos - Order is viewed as "foreign meddlers" in Liberty, Xenos known to attack Order pilots.

    Kusari State Police - Viewed by KSP as terrorist organization.

    Kusari and Rhineland Pilots - Delegated as pilots "who have a high percentage of being Nomad Infiltrators"


    Blood Empire [Blood] - Command believes Nippon Military forces are
    under the influence of Nomad agents. Order agents are restricted from
    entering Kusari space by the Blood Empire government. Blood Dragons have
    been brought into hostilities with their alliance with House Nippon and
    the Blood Empire government.

    Kusari Naval Forces - Military arm
    of the Nippon government since the Fall of Yoritomo Shogunate. Continue
    hostilities until Nippon and Kusari is deemed "infection free" by Order.

    Corsairs [Corsairs] - Family cartels on Crete responsible for
    distribution of infected Artifacts. Increased tension and minor
    skirmishes have taken place between the two organizations.

    - Major trafficker of Artifacts in Kusari. Close allies to Corsairs.
    Order deems the Hogosha responsible for introducing Artifact pathogens
    into Kusari during the government of the late Shogun Yoritomo

    Outcasts aka Maltese Exchange Consortium -
    As of 7/25/807 A.S. MEC has declared war upon the Order faction. At this time
    the reasons for this aggressive posture is unknown but the Order will respond
    with full-military use of force.

    Always Hostile
    The Cult

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