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    Personal/Commander's Log

    Post by Fantom13 on Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:47 am

    OOC: Thought of this after the fact and will correct this for next week. May be weekly or Bi-Weekly, SW:WT makes me want to play FL again and stay for the long haul.
    I will post my Commander's log here on Fri or Sat for Admiral Chronic's review before posting on SW:WT's RP board on Sundays. /OOC

    Begin Recording: Commander's Log Week 1
    Today marks the close of my first week as a Commander of our Maine Base and I think I have learned more in the last week then all my years so far. Commander Alexander (retiring) stayed with me until the middle of the week showing me the ropes and the basics (what an understatement!) of what I needed to know.

    Day 1: Personnel; this included everything from Staffers to patrol roster review. I have a good strong compliment of Squadron Commanders so this portion should be self contained. Contacts and Liaisons were also covered, management of the operatives on other “stations” within Liberty is my responsibility too and I think there are more of them than pilots sometimes.

    Day 2: Pretty much covered the base and our lack of funding. Hmm let me see running operations in which the average folks of Sirius can’t/don’t know about, I wonder why we have a funding problem. I happen to resolve some of this issue on day 5 and will cover that later.

    Day 3: Fly along with a handful of “my” short range patrols and a meeting with our eyes and ears on the Arizona. This seemed like the longest day of my life. The Cult is embedded just about every where in Sirius, I saw fighters from every house and a few pirate factions I am aware of and ship makes that I am not sure where they are from. The trip out to the Arizona was an even bigger eye opener; I have never had to fight my way on to a Liberty Battleship until that day. I thought the group was just being funny when they brought a dozen fighters to escort us out there, the Arizona is almost constantly being attacked by the Nomads. After talking with my contact and the Captain of the Arizona we will be sending a weekly assistance wing out to relieve the Pilots there for 24-48 hours (off the record).

    Day 4: Commander Alexander’s retirement ceremony and a normal run through of what is soon to become my daily routine for the most part. It was a very quite day and actually somewhat relaxing.

    Day 5: Escorted Commander Alexander to Manhattan and met his family and our contact there. I guess rank has his privileges as his son-in-law is our contact there. Learned that the Cult presence in Liberty is not coincidence and they are making a big push to gain ground in Liberty and Bretonia space. As we parted Commander Alexander handed me a sealed envelope, “This will help you a little with the one duty I haven’t covered and is all on you regardless.”

    On my way back to Maine received a distress call from a long range patrol passing Norfolk, Jumped in the TL and flipped on the comms.

    Fantom13: “Omega 6: I am on my way 30 K out and closing.”
    Secure Channel, Fantom13 to all Order pilots in space converge on Norfolk Ship Yard top speed.

    Omega 7: “Fantom13, we just lost 6 we need help FAST!!!!”
    Fantom13: “Roger 10K and closing fast others en-route.”
    I was greeted by 14 Cult Specters trying to cut down the remaining three Omega Squadron Members.
    Fantom13: “Targeting scanners locked engaging enemy.”
    Omega 7: “Two more down, 2 of my weps and shields are down try and cover me.”
    Gamma Squadron: “10K out and closing fast”
    Fantom13: “Gamma push to 110 output we need you here 5 minutes ago. Omega 7 as soon as Gamma is within 3 K bug out and get home for repairs. ”
    Gamma 6: “Hostiles in range engaging, Gamma 4 and 5 cover Omega 7.”
    We took out 6 more with the arrival Gamma and Beta Squadron came out of the West point TL, at that point the remaining Cult Targeted and took out Omega 7 and attempted to bug out.
    Fantom13: “Omega 4 and 5 return to base, Gamma and Beta, let’s take these guys down.”

    We took the rest out and were actually able to capture 2 that were unconscious and couldn’t take some kill pill the others had taken. I let the interrogators have their way with them and got some usable knowledge. 1. Cult pilots like to fight in debris/asteroid fields to give them an advantage, in open space they are not the greatest fighters except when they out number you. 2. They rely on their numbers and are constantly finding new ways to grow including brainwashing tech.

    The remaining Squadrons and I took out the rest of the Cult trash and I had Omega 4 and 5 meet us on Newark. I had them all get out of Uniform and bought them a handful of rounds at the bar to honor the fallen seniors of Omega Squadron.

    While there I met an old InterSpace Commerce Miner/Trader that had just been forced to retire by the company most of his crew left with him. He introduced himself as RockCrusher and said I looked like I needed a drink. I let him buy me a couple of rounds and long story short I “hired” him to generate some income for the base, our engineers and facilities need the money and he had nothing better to do now. I transferred 2 of our younger members to him as banking and contact Liaisons as they weren’t cut out for fighter pilots but great with Admin duties. He said he would be in touch as he may have a pilot or two that could replace them on the fighters.

    Day 6: Spent the day on normal duties and thinking about how to write to a next of kin about an enemy that doesn’t exists and how there Son and Wife/Mother died.
    RockCrusher was a good “investment” as he has already brought in 50 Mil not including what he paid his crew, which I here he increased due to the “dangers” of their new jobs.

    Day 7: Opened the sealed envelope from Commander Alexander. It was 2 example next of kin letters and a brief letter explaining why he did not cover it before. In the end it stated if you need this after the end of your first month is out it has been a good month, if you need it before that I wish you the best of luck as I can only infer the they enemy is growing stronger. Build your troops and their trust as you are going to need them. Get the R&D teams working on all they can as quickly as they can; this is our only defense against the coming storm.

    Letters have been forwarded to the Wing Commanders for delivery. I have requested that they inform me of the delivery date for Major Windhouse’s (Omega 6) letter to her family as I want to accompany the Wing Commander. I only met her briefly after taking command but, she was one of the most determined Majors I have met.

    This week has been like jumping into the fires of Cerberus and I can’t see it getting any better any time soon. I have realized my Partisan won't cut it here after my trip to the Arizona (No wonder my Wing Commanders thought I was insane) and placed it into one of my storage pads. Time to learn how to make the Anubis work for me.

    Off to the rack before the start of the next week. I can only hope I can make a difference sooner rather than later.

    All Reports Forwarded to Admiral Chronic.
    End Recording

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    Re: Personal/Commander's Log

    Post by Fantom13 on Sat Apr 24, 2010 3:22 am

    Begin Recording: Commander's Report Week 2
    The first couple of days this week were spent split between admin duties and flying shadow to as many of our patrols that I could link up with. I have some concerns here but will voice them after a more complete assesment. If you approve I will be assigning some patrols of just officers and others with just SGTs and Ensigns on patrol together with me shadowing the op from briefing to returning to base to see if my concerns are founded or not.

    Due to increased Cult activity near Norfolk Shipyard, Battleship Missouri and Battleship Rio Grande I have ordered patrols doubled (8 fighters instead of 4) in those areas to prevent any further casualities if possible.

    I took a trip out to meet with our Rheinland contact at Bruchsal. In route I was attacked by a Cult patrol in Hamburg and again in Frankfurt. The Frankfurt group either got lucky or knew I was coming and had "back-up" from an RM light fighter squadron. I took two young ensigns with me to appease my Wing Commanders but, ordered them to remain on FP2 until my return and we would fly back to Maine together.

    I spent the last part of the week making a trip out to Toledo. I extended the stay longer than intended as I made two near fatal mistakes 1. "Not calling ahead" I was hit the instant I exited the JH by Nomad fire I began to defend and realized all to late mistake 2. Never head to Omicron Minor without a full compliment of Bots/Bats. I lost my ship and would have been lost myself had I not flipped on my distress beacon as soon I as I saw the numbers coming at me. The patrols from Toledo took out my attackers and tractored me in and dropped me on Toledo with a few choice words which I probably deserved.

    I attempted to get on your schedule before I left but your clerk told me you were busy for "awhile", I explained my situation and who I was and his response was "I know who you are sir and will inform the Admiral of your request at his earliest convience. I then talked with the CAG and he said it would be at least 2 days before he could get me a ship or even a ride back to Maine. I took the time to "Replace" some of the junior patrol members from Toledo and was able to visit and meet the commanders of the Osiris and Isis. About lunch on day 2 the CAG reported he had a supply convoy heading to Liberty and if I wanted a ride back to Maine I better be on one of the ships within the hour.

    Besides the loss of my ship this has been a good week with no casualties to report.

    Not Posting to SW:WT board
    RockCrusher is proving bountiful to say the least and has requested permission to purchase a ship called a MotherLoader. As I have no idea where he can find one I told him he was welcome to as long as this would improve 1. the well being or "our" crew and 2. produce more income. He said it would and would get with his contacts about a purchase location. If you have this information and approximate cost could you please forward the information to me so I can pass it on. Thank you in advance Admiral.

    He also informed me that he would be making contact with a group to work out an "arrangment" that he feels we could not and should not get involved with to prevent any ideas of "special treatment" to this group.
    /Not Posting to SW:WT board
    BioMetric Signature Verified: Commander Dustin Cruz, Callsign: Fantom13

    End Commander's report Begin Personal Log
    After going out on some of these patrols I am curious if my officers are competent or the pilots are not trusting their training. I watched many patrols in Liberty space and I am not happy. I did not report this to the Admiral yet but basic skills and tactics are being ignored. A Cult squadron will scatter like flys and become uncoordinated for a few crucial moments if you take out the leader. Our pilots are splitting and engaging individually instead of covering each others six and then teaming for better effect.

    I think one or both of my Senior Wing Commanders may be trying to get me out of the picture. At this time I have no direct proof but, either they want my job or could be a sympathizers. The only people that knew about my "trip" to Rhienland space were my two senior wing commanders and our contact. Yet I was clearly ambushed in both Rheinland systems. Also when I told them of my plan to visit Toledo they did not insist on sending an escort. This could be due to the report I am sure they expected from our young ensigns but did not get as they had nothing but maybe some drinking to report.

    RockCrusher has been having some issues with a particular pirate. He would not share any further info other than he would be taking steps to secure the safety of the crew and still continue to bring in the funds the base and that we as a group need.

    End Personal Log

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