Razor Order Application


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    Razor Order Application

    Post by [Order]-lucifiar on Sun Apr 18, 2010 3:32 pm

    Name(s) of character?

    <Razor> fighter
    <Raynsworth> miner

    Reason for joining?

    -I wanted to be part of a more unusual faction. Of all possible factions i fail to find any interest in duties of House Police, and being pirate is boring..taxing around and making people cry for a credit. besides i find hitting on Nomads or Cult to be more entertaining.

    How long you have played?

    Since the game went out i managed to play through the storyline several times, and test many unusual modifications. In some time i learned the way it all works and made some own game mods, However all that time i played only SP. i didn`t play this game for 2 last years till met the Discovery mod, so i decided to try out Freelancer`s online part. Really i didnt like the Discovery`s crazy RP and npc`s there are just mad, so i found The Shattered Worlds mod which i really find more interesting.

    What role would you like to play?

    Whatever is needed, however i`m not very talkative, so i`m not looking forward to be any sort of a leader

    [Optional] Put a role play for your character!

    ~not certain what to say here..Now where`s my imagination? guess i`ll stick together a word or two if i find any decent dictionary. Must admit rp isn`t great part of me...~

    Razor was just one another guy growing somewhere far away on New Berlin. He lost his parents when he was only 2 years old, they both were smugglers always working together until someday their luck went somewhere else. Despite that they managed to collect enough credits for their son to have no money problems in the future growing ages. From that time the only family that Razor had was his Uncle that used to be a master of martial arts and had his own dojo-school on the planet. He raised Razor as a strong guy without emotions, for that reason he never had many friends at school and further Univercities. When time came he was called to arms as one of many new rheinland police recruits. He managed to afford himself a ship and started an Escorts Career as protection for working miners.

    However Razor wasn`t interested in any Factions. Even if Rheinland was his home, he didnt care for any factions and worked for everyone who paid better. He left the navy and began his Freelancer`s career.Normally he could be found anywhere at the fringes of space, hunting or sleeping on the table in the bar and waiting for a new contracts. this way He built himself reputation of lazy and greedy, but still experienced and valuable asset, able to do the impossible tasks for a huge cashe.

    Many people wandered ~for what he uses his credits? still, its a mystery. Of all people he had the only pal named Raynsworth, that used to be a miner. they both often used to mine gold and sell it away. That way Razor spent his life until someday a mysterious guy[Fantom13] came in the pub, offered a free drink and a place amongst hidden organization...

    What rank would you prefer?

    dont care much. still its something earned i guess

    ~Phew,lazy me. coffee time~

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    Re: Razor Order Application

    Post by [Order]-Chronic on Sun Apr 18, 2010 4:47 pm

    Under review

    So far it looks good, I need to put you through a test to see what your made of. Here is your test(most tests are different):

    We will be testing your skills in fighting against the Nomads. You will run a series of 3 missions (watched by me), against the Nomad Cult in Omicron Minor. You must be successful in at least 2/3 of the missions, if you fail to do so you will have the chance to take another mission/test.


    -Only one charge of nanobots/shield batteries (You do not get your ship's full capacity only one recharge)
    -Nobody can interfere (No outside parties)
    -You can only have friendly NPCs help you (no outside parties)


    -You may use any missiles you can purchase
    -You may use the time the mission commissioner gives you (40-50seconds) that allows you to return to combat to recharge (If that time runs out before you make it back in bounds that counts as a loss)
    -Any turrets/guns may be used that you have purchased
    -You may use any ship purchased besides industry ships (Miners, Transports, or such and such)


    Please be on Freelancer Shattered Worlds War:Torn at 23:45:00 (Sunday 18th[Today]) GMT (On the FL SWWT website GMT clock)

    If you/I cannot make that time above, please contact me via Private message here to decide on a preferable timeframe.

    Any questions reply to this topic and/or send me a message via Private message on this forum.
    If you or I cannot be on at that time given

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    Re: Razor Order Application

    Post by [Order]-Kaal on Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:47 pm

    Update: Application Locked. Application Outdated..

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    Re: Razor Order Application

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