News of the Order


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    News of the Order

    Post by [Order]-Chronic on Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:57 pm

    The Order News

    Rumors are being spread that the Order is building up its forces and resources to begin its' attacks on the Kusari nation, they still need to be in guard at all times in the Omicrons watching the Nomad and Cult movements, but need to start their attacks on their enemies in the Kusari nation. They are recruiting new pilots to fill up their ranks for the upcoming events that will be taking place throughout sirious.

    The Cult is seemingly building up their strength in the Rheinland systems. Cult ships have been spotted all over Sirius using Rheinland class ships, and also Kusari. The Order believe the Cult has a strong influence on the way the Kusari and Bretonian governments are being governed. This may be a problem if they start to take over key officials in the Liberty and Bretonian governements, they who will be able to help the Order out?

    The Order needs YOU, to stop the infestation and not allow the Nomads to control Sirius!

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