Jardin Order Application



    Jardin Order Application

    Post by Guest on Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:28 am

    Name(s) of character?


    Reason for joining?

    -----I have always been prone to join those who are a little bit "different". The order is not that big of a faction and I think quality is better than quantity. If we can work together to make a cohesive unit, this faction will stand out and dominate. I first tried being a pirate, and its honestly a bit boring.

    For me....the order seems to attract me more than any other faction, as far a RP goes.

    How long you have played?

    ------On and off since the game came out. Its been about a year since I last played.

    What role would you like to play?

    ---------What ever is needed. Fighter is good, but support is fine also.

    [Optional] Put a role play for your character!

    This is going to be the hard part

    ----Jardin has always been a unique person. He doesn't stand out when the part is called for, but when the pressure is on, his true face comes out of hiding.......

    "It seems like only yesterday I as signing up to just a regular guy flying around trying to make a buck doing what not in New York. I would fly my hull until it nearly exploded half the time, and the other half would be trying to fine tune it to be the biggest beast in the area. It wasn't until I was sitting alone in the bar, that a strange young man sat next to me. He could have chosen any other seat in at the bar, but luck wouldn't shine on me that night.

    His name was James Orean, and his business was the rumor of the day.

    I spoke to James like anyone would in every other bar. "Hows it going?". But he just sat there with a crooked stick up his rear end. I stared at him for a moment and finished my drink... As I was leaving I felt what seemed like the grasp of death hold onto my collar and tell me "They are always watching. I must have been drinking a few too many, because it seems like his voice is still inside me.

    After a few days I wondered back into that same bar and ordered a drink. I was approached by two tall men in suits, asking me where they could find James. After a unique story, they were off on a voyage into Tau 31 system at Holman outpost to find a whole load of water...but not James. They didn't seem to like that; and twice I found my apartment tossed.

    Well enough of the lame side of my short history.

    It hasn't been but a few moments in time since Trent and Ms. Zane took on that weird alien race with their "rag tag" group. I only wish I would have been there to meet her, and experience the thrill of battle. I walk into the local bar and see a familiar face...but cant really put a name to it. Wait a sec, its James. I was wondering what happened to that weird old man.............................................

    Its about closing time and I still haven't consumed enough liquid courage to talk to him. But wait a few....hes leaving. And without his notebook. I try to catch up to him, but its no use, the shadows in the night bounce around and its impossible to find anything. At home I open that notebook to find hundreds of names, places, planets, ships, everything. But one word catches my eye on every page. ORDER. The next day I am approached by a great, but stern looking woman. She says to me " I have a urgent mission for you......" "

    What rank would you prefer?

    -----Rank is earned (in my opinion)


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    Post by Guest on Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:29 am

    Let me know if that RP is decent. I have never really played a in depth RP character.

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    Re: Jardin Order Application

    Post by [Order]-Chronic on Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:29 am


    Your RP story is great! In the future I am sure you will help The Order's RP grow substantially.

    Welcome to The Order, your rank starts at Ensign and will rank up as you show considerable activity and contributions to The Order.

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    Post by [Order]-Kaal on Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:46 pm

    Update: Application Locked. Application Outdated..

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