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    Post by [Order]-Kaal on Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:46 pm

    Corsair forces launch assault on fleeting Zoners

    Fernando Martinez here with CORSAIRNET
    West, We've received news that the Empire's flagship Charon, laid siege
    to Freeport 9 in neighboring Omicron Theta today. Experts claim the
    Zoner deathtoll neared 600, with nearly a thousand more bounty hunters
    and zoner civilians injured. Admiral Danube, the commanding officer of
    the Charon, gave the orders to enter Omicron Theta, and make the Zoners
    feel "uncomfortable". Uncomfortable to say the least. Corsair patrols
    bordering the southern cloud of Theta gave eye witness accounts of the
    Charon's awesome display of power, calling it "a rain of flak-death from
    every possible angle," said one Legionary recruit. "the Zoners had no
    idea what hit them", Legionary Decanus Armand Christoph said, "we
    watched as our cruiser decimated their numbers as they poured out of
    Freeport 10 to defend it. The station itself received heavy damage."

    for this new turn in violence, the Council of Elders on New Heraklion
    gave motive. "For too long the nomadic Zoners have been a thorn in our
    side, supplying our enemies the hunters with a forward outpost to
    commence attacks. They feed off of the war that rages between the
    hunters, the Corsairs and the Outcasts, preferring to stay *neutral* so
    that they may reap the rewards of our losses. Well no more!" Councilman
    Cicada said, "it is time that the Corsairs move forward, and push these
    pests from the fringe worlds forever. They will not stay within the
    borders of our great nation. Instead, they will drop like flies as we
    pick them from space, and drive their wretched way of life back to the
    petty houses from which they came."

    This new offensive is
    expected to continue, as reported by Admiral Danube and his crew on the
    Charon, which remains posted only 10k from Freeport 10. "As long as the
    Zoners stay there, we will continue to pound them until they surrender
    by attrition, or they are all dead", Danube said, "We cannot continue to
    let them host our enemies so that they may pester us in the future. The
    time to end this is now."

    It seems as though the Corsair Armada
    is poised to remove the Zoners from Omicron Theta and beyond. This is
    Fernando Martinez with CORSAIRNET West, signing off.

    taken from SWWT CNS

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