Admiral Welsh Warrior Returned from Nomad Captivity


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    Admiral Welsh Warrior Returned from Nomad Captivity

    Post by [Order]-WelshWarrior on Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:52 pm

    Greetings Once More Sirius.

    I have returned from captivity. I
    escaped from Nomad Hell. I've lost everything, Ship, Credits, Weapons. I
    don't even know if my squadron of The Order are still active in Sirius.
    I was kept under heavy sedation and suspended animation for six months.

    managed to escape amongst a pile of dead Order Prisoners the Nomad Cult
    had captured and brought in for Questioning. They had been 'Over
    Questioned' if you know what I mean. I was dragged out of one of the
    torture rooms and left for dead on the floor in the corridor. They must
    have had a busy morning that day 'cause within half an hour I was
    covered with 25 - 30 of my dead Order Comrades. all of them had various
    body parts missing and all of them had the same look of terror and pain
    frozen into their blooded agonised faces. I see them all each time I
    close my eyes to sleep or just even blink. I can still hear their
    guttural screams of pain, forgiveness and mercy each time I find myself
    in a peaceful place (and believe me in space it can be very quiet when
    your floating around on your tod' in a Deactivated Anubis with no power
    or engine noise to drown out the silence).

    I learnt from a
    very early age after being tortured by the Cult and then the Nomads when
    my family's Large Transport was captured whilst we were on a Deep Space
    Recon' Mission as we Navigated through some of the then uncharted
    systems of Sirius. I about eight or nine when my family were killed by
    the Nomads. I was playing in the hold when my father's voice came over
    the Intercom for us to hide. Next thing I was a plaything for the Cult
    and Nomads until I escaped aboard a Kusarian Transport bound for Honshu
    with Alien Artefacts.

    I was abused and tortured till the age of
    fifteen. I no longer feel pain as would a normal human being. I have
    developed a pain resistance technique where I can turn pain into a
    vehicle to focus all my energy and thoughts and feelings into a peaceful
    and calm state of mind. I have all had of my fingers and toes
    re-cultured in a bio-farm as they were cut and bitten slowly off as my
    captives enjoyed my cries for mercy and pain so much. I was regularly
    beaten to the point of clinical death and recovered by bare electrical
    cables to kickstrat my heart back to a healthy sinus rhythm.

    last few days I have flown around Liberty in search of my fellow crew
    members and friends but as of yet I have found no one. I had my debrief
    and reported to the Order Board in Maine, but my whole squadron has

    I will Find them...............................

    Admiral Welsh Warrior

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    Re: Admiral Welsh Warrior Returned from Nomad Captivity

    Post by [Order]-WelshWarrior on Sun May 29, 2011 4:54 am

    I found Nivek. Thank the Stars!

    I'll keep searching till I find the others. The Order are needed more than ever after seeing Corsairs openly trading Artifacts in Liberty and Cultists flying around as if they were LSF. Poor Nivek has been carrying the torch alone.

    I was in captivity too long and have now recovered from my physical and mental wounds. I am so glad I was able to withstand and escape before I was sent to the Unknown to be 'installed' with a nomad genome virus which would destroy my human soul and leave me under the control of them Nomad Squids.

    Now it's not just for Human kinds' survival........... It's Personal. I have a score to settle against them slugs. Corsairs, Kusarians look out!!!!!! If I catch you carrying artifacts your one thing....... Mine and Space dust!!!!!!

    See you out in the cold vacuum.

    Admiral Welsh Warrior

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    Re: Admiral Welsh Warrior Returned from Nomad Captivity

    Post by [Order]-Nivek on Mon May 30, 2011 7:54 pm

    It's good to have you back with us Admiral. I hope you are rested and ready, because the work is plenty. I have run into a few other members from time-to-time, but we fly different patrol hours. Again, it's good to see you. I look forward to flying with you again Sir!

    Long live the Order!

    Commander Kris Nivek
    Chief of Operations
    The Order

    “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”

    -Napoleon Hill

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    Re: Admiral Welsh Warrior Returned from Nomad Captivity

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