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    Shadow Order Application

    Post by [Order]-Shadow on Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:39 pm

    Name(s) of character?

    Reason for joining?

    -I wanted to be part of a more "hidden" faction.

    How long you have played?
    -4 1/2 years

    What role would you like to play?
    I would like to be a part of Squadron One as a Sergeant.

    [Optional] Put a role play for your character!

    At age 17 I was sent out from Planet Malta, Omicron Alpha, because I did not approve of my parents being Outcasts and always using that dishonourable drug, Cardamine. My parents sent me out in a small little "Dagger", the cheapest ship they could find me, but still a able ship, to find a job as a Freelancer. Flying along through the Omicrons (and hiding from Corsairs) I was able to make a living off of running quick missions for random Freelancers and Zoners in Omicron Theta. Most all of the Corsairs and Outcasts left me alone, but they both were able to award me with some cash each time I blew up a Bounty Hunter.

    Five years after I was sent from Planet Malta, I found myself in a Sabre, I was able to scrounge up enough credits to upgrade, and was still running missions in Omicron Theta. This lonely system wore me down into reaching out into farther systems. A strange man gave me a mission to a system in the Omicrons but it didn't sound right, Omicron Minor... There I found a white planet that was named Planet Toledo, before I could even come within 5km of the planet before I was intercepted by 3 ships. I scanned their ships to see what was the deal, they were flying The Order, Anubis. They told me to taxi down to the planet with them to talk to someone that wanted to see me.

    The person that wanted to see me was, as I remember, a man wearing a black outfit, that definitely fitted The Order. He told me that if I could finish a mission for him I would be able to join The Order. I asked him "what makes you think I want to join The Order", he tells me to try the mission and that would answer the question for him. I sigh and decide what could possibly be harder than killing darned Bounty Hunters? The mission turned out to be a hardly successful mission, the Rheinland ships were able to punch through my shield many times before I finally killed the last one of them. I flew back to Planet Toledo and I decided to join.

    What rank would you prefer?

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    Re: Shadow Order Application

    Post by [Order]-Chronic on Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:29 pm


    Welcome to The Order

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    Re: Shadow Order Application

    Post by [Order]-Kaal on Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:46 pm

    Update: Application Locked. Application Outdated..

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    Re: Shadow Order Application

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