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    Post by [Order]-JC on Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:55 am

    Welcome, and thank you for attending my introduction.
    Some of you may have already known me, or have heard of the period where I led the Order against the Nomad and Cultist threats.
    It seems some things have changed over time, but I am very grateful to see that the Order is strong and led by very capable people after my leave on, well, classified grounds.

    Safe to say I have not stopped serving the Order. Admiral Kaal briefed me on the current situation. As it faces us, the Order has a multi-front war to fight, and it seems the Rheinlanders and Kusari don't particularly like our operations into their systems. I am not aware of what caused this change of heart. Within the Order I hope to help, support and defend Sirius as well as everyone of our pilots, including you.

    I may be found the most at our home in Toledo, but if any security threats manage to slip past, I of courrse will pursuit and warn the rest.Good luck, pilots. See you all in space.

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